Amputee Coalition Convention in Kansas City, Missouri

Two weeks ago, the Anapol Schwartz Foundation received a letter from a local amputee, who with the help of Magee Rehabilitation and funding by the Anapol Schwartz Foundation, was able to attend Amputee Coalition Convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

For her, the highlight of the convention was swimming, the one sport she always excelled at. She used to practice this sport twice a week until her leg was amputated. But once getting into the pool, it felt like she never left. Attending the conference gave her a new found confidence and she will be looking for a new pool to resume her regular aquatic activities.

“It is because of your generosity that I was able to attend the amputee convention and see and participate in activities I thought I’d never be able to enjoy again,” she said. “It is because of your persistence in maintaining a relationship with Magee that my spirits and confidence in myself have soared to another level.  I THANK YOU!!!!!!”  –Saineh Barclay