A Transformational Opportunity: the Anapol Schwartz Foundation Adolescent Entertainment Center At Magee

The Anapol Schwartz Foundation is funding a new center at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital to provide teen inpatients with a safe and fun space all their own.

Magee has had five to eight adolescent inpatients each month during the last fiscal year — an increase over previous years that is expected to continue. In addition to the spike in the number of young inpatients, the teens’ social needs are different than those of older patients.

The Anapol Schwartz Foundation Adolescent Entertainment Center will provide a solution to the adolescent patients’ unmet needs by providing a setting for patients and their visitors to enjoy each other’s company.

The center, which will be adjacent to the Charlie Manuel Healing Garden on the 6th floor of Magee, will give young patients their own space to play video games, watch TV and movies, listen to music and relax while preventing noise issues for other patients.