Anapol Schwartz Attorneys and Staff Support Day of Service at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Memory of Casey Feldman

July 17 was the third anniversary of Casey Feldman’s death. Casey was 21 when she was killed in Ocean City, New Jersey by a distracted driver. The Casey Feldman Foundation was established to remember Casey and to support a number of charitable events. On the third anniversary of Casey’s death, attorneys and staff from the law firm of Anapol Schwartz performed service at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital and met Magee’s newest member of their renowned occupational therapy team, Ford. Ford is an 8 year old Golden Retriever who is a highly trained facility therapy dog, the first in Magee’s history.

Support for Ford was provided by the Casey Feldman Foundation. Casey’s father is a partner at Anapol Schwartz.  “Casey  loved animals and understood the special bond between people and dogs, and how that relationship could change lives“, said Joel at yesterday’s event. “Learning about Ford and seeing some of what Ford can do and how his gentle and loving presence transforms people I have no doubt that Ford will positively impact many of the patients at Magee. Casey would have loved Ford and I know today is smiling down upon us”, said Joel.  Sol Weiss, managing partner at Anapol Schwartz attended yesterday’s event and said “Casey was a remarkable young woman and her death affected many of us at Anapol Schwartz. It is our pleasure to support my friends of many years, Joel and his wife Dianne, in their wonderful projects and to remember Casey in such a special way.

Everyone at Magee, not just Ford, welcomed Joel and his team from Anapol Schwartz with a warm reception. “We are incredibly grateful and sincerely honored that the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation chose to remember Casey through the support of this innovative program,” said Jack Carroll, President and CEO of Magee Rehabilitation Hospital. “Animal-assisted therapy is yet another way we can provide our patients with the highest quality care to help them achieve their goals and improve their outcomes, and is something we could not have done without the Foundation’s generous support.

Joel Feldman said “Over the years many of our clients have received treatment at Magee. Magee is a special place where those who have suffered life-alerting injuries begin to learn that there is a way forward and that there is hope. Having friends and family with us , Ford , and all the other loving and supportive staff at Magee  is a perfect way to remember Casey.

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