Anapol Schwartz Foundation History

After more than thirty years of representing victims and their families, in 2007 we established the Anapol Schwartz Foundation in order to give back to the community that we serve . We take a portion of our fees from settled cases and , through our Foundation, donate those funds to local charitable organizations that make a difference in their communities. We search for charities that have a connection with the cases that we settle or that help those who face obstacles similar to those faced by our clients and their families.

To date we have contributed more than $ 200,000 to various charities in the region. From a case involving horrific burn injuries to a little boy we helped create a mentorship program with the Burn Foundation that pairs burn victims with burn survivors and purchased a pediatric crib for Crozer Chester Hospital’s burn unit. From cases involving death to young people from service of alcohol to those intoxicated we have worked with MADD and sponsored Death Notification classes in the Philadelphia suburbs and in Philadelphia to provide training for those who are called upon to tell families that a loved one has died.

One of our clients, Caren Sydnor, after receiving the settlement funds from a malpractice case, took a portion of those funds and  established a fund at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital that helps spinal cord inured patients receive critical physical therapy  after insurance funds run out. We have made contributions to Caren’s fund to help her help others. From  a case involving the amputation of a child’s arm we have established an amputee fund at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital that helps provide services to amputees that are not covered by insurance but vital to the recovery process. These funds have also made it possible for a student who is an amputee to attend a conference and realize that her dream of becoming a physical therapist is not beyond reach. Additional funds have helped those with disabilities meet the economic challenges of a college education.

Our work in the personal injury field has brought us into contact with many incredibly dedicated persons who go above and beyond their job requirements to help others. In order to help recognize those persons we created the Anapol Advocate Award which is given on an annual basis to someone who exemplifies the spirit of dedication and compassion in a particular field. The 2010 Anapol Advocate Award was given to a burn survivor who provides training and education about electrical safety and hazards to prevent injury and death to others.The 2011 Anapol Advocate Award will be given to someone who makes a difference in the lives of those with spinal cord injuries. As we continue to settle cases for our clients we will continue to find local charities to support their valuable work.