Anapol Schwartz Working To Keep Our Community Safe

ANAPOL SCHWARTZ has been fighting for justice for consumers and their families since 1977. One of Pennsylvania’s oldest personal injury firms, Anapol Schwartz advocates for injured consumers throughout the country. Now Anapol Schwartz is working to keep our community safe through education about safe driving habits.

  1. Political Action: Going to state, county and municipal governments to obtain distracted driving awareness proclamations.
  2. Employer Role Model: Law firms setting an example for safety. Employers adopting safe driving policies.
  3. Community Education: Trial lawyers reaching out to communities to keep teens safe.


If you’re part of a school, community organization or other gathering that would like to host a FREE safety presentation and help End Distracted Driving, you can learn more by contacting Anapol Schwartz at (215) 735-1130. Together, let’s End Distracted Driving.