MADD’s Death Notification Training Seminar

On October 28, 2010 Joel Feldman took part in MADD’s Death Notification Training Seminar at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia.  The principal trainer was Rebecca Shaver, former MADD PA State Ex. Director,  and additional speakers included Chief Dennis Anderson from the Newtown Police Department, and Rev. Roland Buccialia.

The seminar was designed to share experiences of receiving the notification of a death of a loved one and to use those experiences to generate a guide for law enforcement officers, clergy, funeral directors and other service providers on how to compassionately deliver the notification of the death of a loved one. Mr.Feldman  shared his experience as an attorney who has represented many families who have suffered the death of a loved one and from his personal perspective following the death of his 21 year old daughter in a motor vehicle accident.

This seminar was previous presented June 2010 free of charge by MADD SE PA through a grant through the Anapol Schwartz Foundation. If you would like to register for future seminars in SE Pennsylvania on “Delivering the News with Compassion for the Bereaved and Concern for the Messenger” call (610) 825-4903.