Magee Rehabilitation Amputee Support Group Barbeque

The Anapol Schwartz Foundation is proud to support the Magee Rehabilitation Hospital Amputee Group, which hosted a potluck barbecue on Magee’s roof in May 2014. The Anapol Schwartz Foundation provided a portion of the food at the barbecue as well as gift cards for a raffle.

In 2010, the Anapol Schwartz Foundation donated $50,000 to Magee Rehabilitation to establish the Amputee Support Fund, which aids amputees in obtaining necessary items such wheelchairs, home modifications and driving lessons. The Foundation also made a donation in 2013 to allow amputee Saineh Barclay attend an Amputee Coalition Conference in California.

“In everything our firm does, we’re striving to help victims affected by disabling injuries,” said firm partner Joel Feldman. “We’re proud to partner with Magee in this effort to improve the lives of amputees in our region.”